Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winston & Jefferie

No, I can't tell them apart either! But they had great fun under the tree, and nearly in it!

Hey, at least he's out from under the chair...

This is how Georgie watched Christmas morning!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Georgie update - 12/11/09

So Georgie has been here about a month now.

First week, he spent hiding in his crate in the bathroom.

Second week, he hid under a chair in the den.

Third week I wasn't here, so he had the run of the place with Lorenza. Seems he got a little more comfortable with his surroundings, but not so much with people. When I got back from my Thanksgiving trip, I started trying more socialization with him.

When he's cornered and can't run away, he still assumes the 'flat cat' stance.... 'if I'm really still, you won't hurt me'. Once picked up, he's very docile and sweet. He drools when he purrs and loves petting, ear scratches, chin scratches & back massage. Once he realizes that all you want is to make him happy, then he will rub around your ankles & play with teasers or toys. Still, all in all, he'd probably rather not be picked up yet. A month isn't so long. It took Lorenza the better part of a year to get really comfortable (she had a really bad start in life with a hoarder).

Georgie is getting more comfortable around me. He roams the house now without slinking around. He talks a lot - looking for Lorenza to play with him, I think. The two of them get along very well, never a cross word or hiss between them (neither is really an alpha-cat). He plays with toys. He's getting closer to coming up to me on his own, just not completely sure about that step yet.

Still... he's sleeping in a hiding place. Not comfortable yet with napping out in the open on a chair. He will sit on the cat tree and stare out the window... so that's progress!