Friday, November 19, 2010

Certified Pre-Owned Cats! - November 17-21, 2010

Ernie & Chip found new forever homes on the very first day of our Certified Pre-Owned Cat event at the local shelter.  Of course, they went out as 'new models'! 

Alice & Robbie go in today for their 'nip/tuck' and will be ready for test drives by tomorrow.  They are so adorable, who wouldn't want a cute 'low-mileage' kitten?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sleepover! - November 11, 2010

My kittens have visitors for the next couple of days. While one of my foster friends is away on a business trip, her littles are visiting with mine. Dora (the explorer), Dixie, and Donnie have moved in - and aren't they cute!  Dora is a bouncer ... just a ball of fluff!  Donnie is enjoying playing with the bigger kittens; he's trying hard to keep up.  Dixie, just a quiet little belle, is taking her time getting to know the place, but Dora's watching out for her.




Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ernie's Day Out - November 10, 2010

Poor Ernie.  He's out today at the clinic getting 'snipped'.  He'll be back tonight to recuperate a little before the weekend.  Hopefully, he'll get adopted to a new furever home!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Three Sons (& Alice) - November 8, 2010


It's the latest addition to the foster clan - 3 orange tabby boys and their little gray tabby sister.   The look-alike boys honor the Douglases of yore - Robbie, Chip, and Ernie.  Their little sister, well, she just looked like an Alice.  All are super-terrific and friendly.  They won't be here too long as they are all nearly at their 2lb weight mark.
Chip - Wait, I'm not ready for my close-up!