Friday, April 8, 2011

Bye-bye babies - Thursday, April 7th (redux)

And for the same reasons as Janie's departure, so Sashi and her lovely five kittens have also moved on to a new foster home.  I never could tell the boys apart (except by weight).  The girls will be gorgeous cats.  Hopefully, I'll get to see them one more time before they get adopted. 

Since Sashi and her sons all suffer from being 'black cats', they will probably be guests of the shelter for a while.  Sashi is a real love-bug and will be great for anyone wanting a quiet lap cat.  The boys may get a break at the Kitten & Puppy Shower event in May.  More on that later.

Here's some good-bye pictures of the crew:
OK everyone line up!



The gang

Bye-Bye babies!

And ... we're out ... Thursday, April 7th

And so it goes, all good things must end.   My babies have moved on to a new foster home.  Not that I wanted to lose them before they were 'grown up' enough to adopt, but I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks and the kids aren't ready to be on their own yet!

Here's some final pics of Janie's Gems ... born here March 9th, they are now 4 weeks old.  Not quite running, but tottering around and starting to nibble at real food.  They are fat & sassy - talky like mom.  I wish I could see them when they are running around at full speed, but my guess is they will already be adopted by the time I'm back.

Bye kids, have great life!


Amethyst  (Amy)


Diamond  (Lucy)


Graphite (Gus)


Tiny Topaz