Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winston & Jefferie

No, I can't tell them apart either! But they had great fun under the tree, and nearly in it!

Hey, at least he's out from under the chair...

This is how Georgie watched Christmas morning!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Georgie update - 12/11/09

So Georgie has been here about a month now.

First week, he spent hiding in his crate in the bathroom.

Second week, he hid under a chair in the den.

Third week I wasn't here, so he had the run of the place with Lorenza. Seems he got a little more comfortable with his surroundings, but not so much with people. When I got back from my Thanksgiving trip, I started trying more socialization with him.

When he's cornered and can't run away, he still assumes the 'flat cat' stance.... 'if I'm really still, you won't hurt me'. Once picked up, he's very docile and sweet. He drools when he purrs and loves petting, ear scratches, chin scratches & back massage. Once he realizes that all you want is to make him happy, then he will rub around your ankles & play with teasers or toys. Still, all in all, he'd probably rather not be picked up yet. A month isn't so long. It took Lorenza the better part of a year to get really comfortable (she had a really bad start in life with a hoarder).

Georgie is getting more comfortable around me. He roams the house now without slinking around. He talks a lot - looking for Lorenza to play with him, I think. The two of them get along very well, never a cross word or hiss between them (neither is really an alpha-cat). He plays with toys. He's getting closer to coming up to me on his own, just not completely sure about that step yet.

Still... he's sleeping in a hiding place. Not comfortable yet with napping out in the open on a chair. He will sit on the cat tree and stare out the window... so that's progress!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Georgie - Ghost kitty - 11/18/09

This pic might have been better around Halloween. Georgie is now bold enough to roam the house, but not enough to come near me. He peeps around corners when he thinks I'm not looking.... then he looks away.

Moss & Missy - 11/18/09

Moss & Missy go to work today. Pretty good at shredding paper, but not so good at figuring out which end of the pen is up!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Georgie - 11/17/09

Well, it took a couple of days, but Georgie is getting bold now. He sneaks around the house when he thinks I'm not looking. No pics today because when he sees me he runs under the chair in my den! He & Lorenza were playing last night - not so much with each other as mutually with the same toy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Georgie - 11/15/09

So, he's sneaking around the house now... checking things out. I found out today that he has incredibly long nails! He's getting caught in the carpet every time he walks across it. That's enough to make anyone cranky!

A while ago, he was crouched just outside the door of my room, watching & waiting. He's comfortable wandering around while the house is dark & quiet. Noises still scare him a bit, but he's still getting used to the place.

Just now, I hear him downstairs PLAYING with one of lovely Lorenza's toys! Yeah!!! He's a real sweetie. Dare I say a 'pussycat'? He lets me pick him up without any sort of complaint. He reaches out with his face to rub against my hand or face. He is SO-O-O-O soft. Clearly been well taken care of (except those nails!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Handsome Georgie 11/12/09

Here's Georgie! He's my new 'project' cat. A scared, lonely boy who's having a hard time adapting to life in a shelter. He was turned in by someone who claims to have found him but could not care for him. He's a gorgeous medium-hair orange cat, maybe 3-4 years old?

I brought him home last night, got him all settled into a quiet room and let him decide what to do next. He spent the night checking out the room and eating a little.

Cutie-pie Moss

Lovely Missy

Introducing... Missy & Moss 11/10/09

I needed a little dose of kitten-love before Thanksgiving and these two fit the bill! Their previous foster family had some travels and little Moss and Missy just need a couple of weeks to reach their 2 lb weight goal. They are completely adorable (as are all kittens), very quiet little kids.

I introduced them to my lovely Lorenza (she loves little kittens). Lorenza reached out to lick their faces, but got a little hiss for her kindness! Oh well, maybe later.

Back from Utah

Wow, it's been a long couple of weeks. I went to the national No More Homeless Pets conference in Las Vegas, then trekked out to Utah for a week at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Both were totally amazing! Learned so much I think it's leaking out my ears right now. Will take a while to sort through everything. Meanwhile, I'm back to fostering here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And then there was one .... 10/19/09

Another graduation day. Arrow, Angus, and Gracie - all neutered & spayed - are off to find their forever homes. Poor little Ash is now left to get all the cuddles & attention for herself! Well, not quite all to herself because we're 'kitten-sitting' for a couple of days - two new boys just recovering from their 'nip/tuck'. Mac & Teddy will be visiting for a short stay, then everyone gets to move on because I'll be at the No More Homeless Pets conference this weekend. More from Vegas....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing... Ash & Arrow - 10/10/09

Meet the newest members of the gang - little girl Ash and her big brother Arrow. They just joined us here, having been found as strays. They won't be here too long since Arrow is already at the 2 lb mark. They just needed a few days to chill out and learn a few kitten manners. They are already fitting in completely with Angus & Gracie. Ash must have been the runt of her little; she's several ounces behind her brother in weight, so she'll stick around longer.

You can't see it very well in the pictures, but Arrow wears a handsome 'tuxedo' - little white paws, a bit of a white bib on his chest and a cute little white chin! Altogether a very handsome fellow and a really lover. He follows me around and waits at my feet to be picked up, loves to be petted & held.

Ash is a bit of a quiet girl. Loves to cuddle up beside me and watch the others get rowdy. I think she just feels too small to get beat up by the big boys.

All in good homes - China, Corky, Ernest

Happy tails to you .....

Some last pics of Ernest

I had a few more shots of Ernie... already adopted into a new home!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breakthrough! Angus purrs! 10/11/09

Hurray, hurray! Angus purred today! It took so long for him to settle down and learn to be a kitten. I'm so excited. As I sit here today (actually 10/13) he is purring on my lap (who ever thought he'd be a lap-cat?) and 'making biscuits' - kneading his happiness into my knees (acutally his nails are a little long, but that's OK). I think the kitten massage finally won him over - who doesn't like a good massage?
Oh, and did I mention he's a big flirt?

Another Graduation - Ernest 10/8/09

Big, fluffy Ernie ... he looks bigger than he is underneath all that fur so it took him a while to reach the 2 lb graduation weight. He's going to be a big sweety; all cuddles and lots of lounging. A very laid-back kitty. Good luck to Ernest in his forever home.

Graduation Day - Corky & China 10/6/09

Well, the day has come. They've reached 2lbs in weight and learned their kitten manners. Now it's time for spay/neuter and on to find a forever home! These are terrific kittens who get along well with other kittens and older cats (even cranky ones!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Angus - 9/29/09

Oh that Angus... he's such a flirt! He's fallen in love with the lovely Lorenza (much too old for him, by the way). As cute as he is, she's not impressed. I'd add a picture of the two of them, but she's a bit camera shy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kittens update 9/28/09

Delays, delays. This weekend was busy with a charity event raising funds for the local shelter. Much fun was had by all. I'll try to post some pics if anything good comes out.

The kittens continue to grow & play. They are well mannered now and spend more time outside of their kitten-nursery, allowed to play in the rest of the house as long as they can find the litter-box when needed!

Little Angus is still playing the shy-guy card, but he's joining the other kittens more as he sees what fun they have. He's just not too sure about me yet.

Corky will be 'graduating' this week. He's reached the 2 lb mark that signifies readiness to move to the next stage. He's a big boy now and ready to be snipped, get his kitten shots, and find a forever home.

The rest of the gang is making headway in the weight department, but still need between 3-5 oz to make the cutoff. More cute kitten pics soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad day ... 9/23/09

I'm devastated today. I woke to find that the adorable, lovely, kind Cecily became an angel last night. While it is a fact of life that not all kittens make it to adulthood, it is especially sad when there is no visible cause. I will admit, she was my favorite of the current six-pack of kittens in my care. I'll miss her beautiful face.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yea.... it's Deworming Day! 9/21/09

Wow, that stuff is yucky! We thought you loved us... but you make us take this icky medicine ... ble-e-e-e-ck

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cecily 9/17/09

The kittens have done well the last couple of days, playing together while my left hand heals from carpal tunnel surgery. Cecily sits here with me tonight, though, as she has lost an ounce or so since the last weigh-in on Sunday. Must be all the playing, but may be too much competition now with the boys getting bigger. She'll get some a/d and a little extra TLC tonight.

Gracie is now first out the door in the morning. A big explorer. Angus still hides until he thinks I'm not watching.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cecily 9/12/09

Sweet, sweet Cecily... she also did not gain weight this week, still at 1# 4oz. It's tough being leader of the pack. She is Miss Popularity. Spends time playing with each of the kittens in turn, always nice, even to the shy kids.

Ernest 9/12/09

Ernest will be one of those sweet, soft, kind cats - a gentle giant. He's still clocking in at 1# 8oz today, no gain this week. Must be all the playing. Such a sweetheart!

China 9/12/09

China is 1# 2oz today, growing slowly but surely. Like brother Corky, she is a lover-kitty - always happy for attention. A real cuddler!

Corky 9/12/09

Corky, now 1# 5oz, is still my runner/jumper boy. He's a real lover, too! Always looking for attention. When I'm standing in the kittens' room, he sits at my feet with one paw touching my foot....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gracie 9/12/09

Gracie is my little sprite at 1# 1oz today. She's working on her social skills, but still the wallflower of the bunch. She watches all the activity from the sidelines, with occasional attempts to join the fun. The other kittens seem to understand her shyness and they give her space to learn on her own. She's got a tiny, breathy little meow when she speaks... and just the biggest eyes.