Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Colleen - Day 8 - November 20, 2012

Day 3 = Hiss
Day 4 = Hiss
Day 5 = Hiss & spit
Day 6 = Hiss
Day 7 = Hiss & strike

It's been pretty much the same around here.  I sit with Colleen & she hisses.  Make that I sit 'by' Colleen. She's not real happy being touched.  But that's kind of the point of this exercise.

Since the vet told me about Colleen's giardia, I've had the happy job of trying to medicate this hellcat twice a day.  On the fotunate side, since Colleen has her butt planted in one spot now, she's pretty easy to find and while there is a lot of hissing & spitting going on, she's pretty much a coward, so as long as I reach in over the teeth & claws, I can scruff her with relative ease.  Since she's serving up nothing but hisses, the open mouth is an easy target for the medicine.  I'm just happy it's not in pill form.

I guess the medicine is doing its job.  As Colleen seems to feel better, she's feeling her oats more and trying to strike out at me on occasion.  What an unhappy cat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reboot Colleen - Day Two - November 14, 2012

Today, I gave Colleen a day of 'quiet reflection'.  I tiptoed in to visit a couple of times, but just got hissed at for my troubles.  Found her hiding in the litter box this morning (never a good sign).  She did eat some last night, though, so I was happy about that.

Day Two
Oh, and the vet called about Colleen's test results ... turns out the poor girl has Giardia.  Crap.  Now I get to try to medicate her tomorrow.  That'll be fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reboot Colleen - Day One - November 13, 2012

It's been almost 3 years.  Way too long.

Colleen came to me in 2009.  You can read her the tale of her early days here.  She's been nearly feral for most of the time she's lived here.  Loves other cats.  Hates humans.  I made a promise to her when I adopted her that she could have a safe and happy home as long as she lives.  Well, it's pretty safe here, but she's not happy.  Just plain terrified of life.  Today's the day we start trying to change that.

Today was 'vet' day.  Because I have four cats now (not sure how that happened), each with their own 'issues', a mobile veterinarian that makes house calls is a must.  No way could I wrestle some of my cats into kennels, drive across town, wait in a cold room (with dog smells) with any three of the four of them.  Davey wouldn't care, but they others would each have a heart attack.

So the fabulous Dr Sylvia came today with her mobile clinic van.  She met Davey, new since her last visit here; donned her elbow length feral gloves to tackle the ever-fractious Cotton; soothed the scared Lorenza; and dealt with the poopy Colleen.  Since we had her trapped, I took advantage of the day to take Collen back to basics.  Just like Cotton did when he first came here (see various entries titled Cotton's Tale in this blog), she will spend the next few weeks in a separate bathroom relearning that not all people are bad.

She's not happy about it.  She's been in the bathtub, in the same postion for about 11 hours now.

Colleen glares at me - Day One
I promise, over then next days and weeks to let you know how it goes.

Where does the time go?

So, I missed the entire summer and most of the fall.  Here's some pictures of the fosters that go no air time.


Most have been adopted into their forever homes, some are still waiting.  And there are 3 more that I haven't photographed yet.  What's that saying about good intentions?