Friday, August 1, 2014

Smile, smile, smile ... it's Colleen again

Colleen's new favorite day spot ... won this at the BlogPaws conference!

For those of you keeping up with the Colleen saga, we hit another major milestone today.  She let me pet her as I was putting down her breakfast!

This is big. 

For several weeks now, she's been coming up on the bed at night and again in the morning - only when Lorenza is already present.  She'd let me scritch and pet - under the chin, behind the ears, shoulders, even loves the 'elevator butt' scratch.  I could run my hand down her full length (only one hand at a time, please).  I'd get a little purring, only at arm's length mind you, but she's getting braver every day.

Any other place in the house, she still stays at least 5-6 feet away from human contact. 

I've been working with her at each meal time.  Trying to get her to approach closer and closer.  She would almost reach in to sniff my hand, but then would back away until I put down her dish.  Then, this morning she walked directly up to me and let me pet her as I put down her breakfast!

Baby steps.  Lots of patience.  Wonder if one day she'll crawl up into my lap?