Monday, September 28, 2009

Kittens update 9/28/09

Delays, delays. This weekend was busy with a charity event raising funds for the local shelter. Much fun was had by all. I'll try to post some pics if anything good comes out.

The kittens continue to grow & play. They are well mannered now and spend more time outside of their kitten-nursery, allowed to play in the rest of the house as long as they can find the litter-box when needed!

Little Angus is still playing the shy-guy card, but he's joining the other kittens more as he sees what fun they have. He's just not too sure about me yet.

Corky will be 'graduating' this week. He's reached the 2 lb mark that signifies readiness to move to the next stage. He's a big boy now and ready to be snipped, get his kitten shots, and find a forever home.

The rest of the gang is making headway in the weight department, but still need between 3-5 oz to make the cutoff. More cute kitten pics soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad day ... 9/23/09

I'm devastated today. I woke to find that the adorable, lovely, kind Cecily became an angel last night. While it is a fact of life that not all kittens make it to adulthood, it is especially sad when there is no visible cause. I will admit, she was my favorite of the current six-pack of kittens in my care. I'll miss her beautiful face.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yea.... it's Deworming Day! 9/21/09

Wow, that stuff is yucky! We thought you loved us... but you make us take this icky medicine ... ble-e-e-e-ck

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cecily 9/17/09

The kittens have done well the last couple of days, playing together while my left hand heals from carpal tunnel surgery. Cecily sits here with me tonight, though, as she has lost an ounce or so since the last weigh-in on Sunday. Must be all the playing, but may be too much competition now with the boys getting bigger. She'll get some a/d and a little extra TLC tonight.

Gracie is now first out the door in the morning. A big explorer. Angus still hides until he thinks I'm not watching.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cecily 9/12/09

Sweet, sweet Cecily... she also did not gain weight this week, still at 1# 4oz. It's tough being leader of the pack. She is Miss Popularity. Spends time playing with each of the kittens in turn, always nice, even to the shy kids.

Ernest 9/12/09

Ernest will be one of those sweet, soft, kind cats - a gentle giant. He's still clocking in at 1# 8oz today, no gain this week. Must be all the playing. Such a sweetheart!

China 9/12/09

China is 1# 2oz today, growing slowly but surely. Like brother Corky, she is a lover-kitty - always happy for attention. A real cuddler!

Corky 9/12/09

Corky, now 1# 5oz, is still my runner/jumper boy. He's a real lover, too! Always looking for attention. When I'm standing in the kittens' room, he sits at my feet with one paw touching my foot....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gracie 9/12/09

Gracie is my little sprite at 1# 1oz today. She's working on her social skills, but still the wallflower of the bunch. She watches all the activity from the sidelines, with occasional attempts to join the fun. The other kittens seem to understand her shyness and they give her space to learn on her own. She's got a tiny, breathy little meow when she speaks... and just the biggest eyes.

Angus 9/12/09

Sweet little Angus, weighing in at 1# 2oz today. He still hides a lot, but Cecily is working to get him in with the rest of the bunch. She's very kind to him - playing gently and encouraging him to come out of his corner.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Many happy purrs

Today is a good day. Gracie has decided to TRY liking people! She's started venturing out of her hiding spot while the rest of the gang is playing, she's sniffing my fingers & toes, and finally she's purring and letting me rub her belly... yea!

Not so much for Angus. He's still watching cautiously from behind the door... just great big eyes, so unsure of what's going on.

China is feeling better, playing with Cecily & the boys (Ernest & Corky). Corky is a 'corker' - always trying to be king of the hill, climbing whatever he can find (even if it's me).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gracie 9/9/09

The timid Gracie. Like her brother, Angus, she is still reserving judgement on whether she likes people yet.

Ernest 9/9/09

Ernest is in constant motion, hence the slightly blurry image....

China 9/9/09

My delicate China-girl (and her foody face!)

Cecily 9/9/09

The lovely Cecily...
who couldn't fall in love with that face?

Angus 9/9/09

Angus is still the biggest scaredy-cat of the group, but he's just a little kid, so he'll come around.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 kittens 9/8/09

So the 6 little kitties are settling in just fine, playing & napping in the sunbeams. Ernest is the wildest of the bunch; ready to bound out the door as soon as I approach the nursery room (that's the upstairs bathroom - totally taken over as kitten kingdom now).

I'm watching China-girl closely. She is the quietest of the crew, might be bordering on lethargic. She eats pretty well, but I'm feeding her separately to make sure she gets enough. Almost seems to be favoring one of her front legs slightly. She'll get some baby food and A/D in addition to the regular kitten food the others are eating.

Ernest & Corky are great playmates. Angus & Gracie are still a little stand-offish; seem OK with the other kittens but they don't like me much yet. Another couple of days will change their minds! Cecily is making little chirping noises while she eats... must really like it!

Angus & Gracie 9/7/09

The second pair of siblings I picked up today (9/7/09) was another brother and sister, Angus and Gracie. These two are scaredy-cats right now; just a little shy. Each weighs in at about 1 lb. They came to the shelter on 8/30/09. Now that they have room to play and other kittens to learn from, they will turn around quickly and learn to have fun.

Angus is a male orange & white tabby. Gracie is a little female tortie (a different type of calico). They came in as strays, so not sure how old they are. At about 1 lb, they are probably around 5 weeks, maybe older if they were not well-nurished. Best guess, they were born around the first part of August.

The other kittens are kind & friendly to these two, so I'm sure they will all be great friends by tomorrow.

Ernest & Cecily 9/7/09

Picked up 4 new fosters today (9/7/09 - Labor Day). Two sets of siblings from different litters that I'm adding to Corky & China at home.

The first pair is Ernest and Cecily, brother & sister. Two brown tabbies, but very different. They arrived as strays on 8/29/09. Best guess at age is about 2 months, so they were probably born in early July.

Ernest is going to be a big cat, if his paws are any indication. A real lady-killer... he's very handsome. Might turn 0ut to be slightly medium-haired or he might 'grow into' his hair-length later on.

Cecily has more delicate features and one of those really sweet little kitten faces that just melt your heart.

Both are really friendly and doing well in their new foster home. They made friends with Corky & China right away. Actually, Corky seemed to fall in love immediately with the lovely Cecily, while she seemed to want to become BFFs with China.

Ernest (I think he'll end up being called Ernie) is the biggest of the crew at 1 lb 7 oz today. He's taking the 'big brother' role well. Cecily is smaller at about 1 lb 4 oz.

Pictures will follow....

Corky & China 8/27/09

I picked up Corky & China on Thursday 8/27/09. They had been at the shelter since 7/28/09. I don't know much about those first weeks. I first met them in the shelter clinic on Friday 8/21/09. They were a little sick, small and needed hand-feeding at that time so they stayed in with the Clinic staff and became little favorites around there.

By the time I picked them up, they were eating well on their own, but were stayed on medication (flagyl) for another week. Corky had reached 1 lb. in weight, but China was only 12 oz.

They must have been well spoiled by the clinic staff! They are both very friendly and love attention. Corky is a male orange tabby. China is a female tri-color calico. She's a little smaller right now and a little quieter in general. When I am around them, she loves to run up to me and lie down at (or on) my feet! Corky is a pistol. Loves attention and always 'showing off' his latest tricks.

Watch this space for pictures...


So this is my first entry into the land of blog. My name is Pam and I am a kitten foster 'parent' for the local animal shelter here in town. I've raised about 100 kittens (and counting) since April 2008. This blog is intended to help keep track of the first few weeks of those kittens' lives with the hope that those early 'growing pains' and 'baby pictures' will be of interest to the future adopters.

I started fostering cats and kittens some 20+ years ago back in North Carolina (for the Durham County Animal Protection Society) after first adopting a little orange and white tabby kitten and his look-alike mom, jovialy named Lucy and (little) Ricky. They were part of my life for 18 and 23 years.

Most of my cats have wandered into my life and adopted me. Some were hand-me-downs from family. One was a rescue from the ASPCA in New York City. The latest is a rescue from the Irvine Animal Care Center, where I volunteer. All were well loved and possessed amazing purr-sonalities.

I currently share my home with two girl-kitties, a 22 year-old calico named Amy (deaf and grouchy) and a 2 or 3 year-old black cat named Lorenza (she came with that name when I adopted her and we haven't settled on anything different so far).
And then there are the babies.... so many foster kittens... all amazingly cute, fuzzy, adorable. Hopefully, this will help me keep track of them over time.