Monday, November 16, 2009

Georgie - 11/15/09

So, he's sneaking around the house now... checking things out. I found out today that he has incredibly long nails! He's getting caught in the carpet every time he walks across it. That's enough to make anyone cranky!

A while ago, he was crouched just outside the door of my room, watching & waiting. He's comfortable wandering around while the house is dark & quiet. Noises still scare him a bit, but he's still getting used to the place.

Just now, I hear him downstairs PLAYING with one of lovely Lorenza's toys! Yeah!!! He's a real sweetie. Dare I say a 'pussycat'? He lets me pick him up without any sort of complaint. He reaches out with his face to rub against my hand or face. He is SO-O-O-O soft. Clearly been well taken care of (except those nails!)

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