Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cotton's Tale - Day One - 1/17/2010

Sadly, a favorite cousin of mine passed away suddenly last week. Since we are a small family and she had no children, I offered to take her cat.

I knew he was an 'outdoor' cat, and that he's nearly feral (make that really feral), but I like a challenge, so here goes. This is Cotton's Tale. Hopefully, he will learn to like living indoors and learn to like my two girl kitties (Lorenza and Colleen).

He's been beat up a bit recently. Got a bloody ear and some scratches on his nose. Much too angry for me to try to fix him up now.

Took three of us to wrestle him into the carrier for the ride up from San Diego. He was nearly climbing the walls and I had no feral gloves! Such wailing & hissing & growling!

Finally got him with a beach towel & stuffed him in the carrier. He didn't make a peep all the way home.

Now he's hiding in the box (although the door is off) and it's in the shower of the downstairs bath. Maybe he'll peep out later. He'll have a quiet house for a while because I'm late for a birthday party!

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