Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Star Wars Saga - May 13 - Aug 24, 2011

A long time ago (...over 14 weeks)
... in a shelter far, far away (ok, not so far) ...

Creamy, a beautiful lynx-point Siamese, arrived without ceremony.  With her stunning blue eyes, she was quickly adopted and carried off for that 'special' surgery required before she was allowed to be taken away to her fur-ever home.

Moments before the first cut, kindly clinic staff discovered that Creamy was smuggling several bundles of joy insider her.  She was quickly spirited away to foster care, where she waited patiently for several weeks before there appeared five tiny new lives for whom she must care.

While Creamy cared for these new lives, a huge white stormtrooper growled menacingly outside her cave, and dark forces loomed nearby.  As she struggled to care for her tiny rebel band, the evil URI threatened their allies away in the valley below and not all of their little friends survived the war.

After 6 weeks of feeding & cleaning, Creamy had taught her little padawans all she knew.  She returned to the Jedi Temple of Adoption and was soon rewarded with her happily-ever-after fur-ever home.

Now our little heroes are ready for their own adventures.  Today, Luke, Leia, Anakin, Han Solo, and Obi-wan (Ben) face the lightsabers of surgery and will soon be off to their own galaxies far, far away.
Top (L to R) - Ben, Leia, Anakin
Bottom (L to R) - Luke, Han

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