Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Return of Roscoe - Part II

We pick up where we left off ...

Monday, November 13th

Big day for the kittens.  Everyone was due for something so we packed up all 13 in their various carriers and went off to the clinic for shots, deworming, etc.  Since SOMEBODY brought in fleas (thank you very much), I took this opportunity to deep clean everything the cats had ever touched.  Nine loads of laundry later, the house vacuumed, the kitten room scrubbed & polished and a new kitten space set up.

I made a valiant effort to dose my cats with Vectra.  Lorenza wasn't too difficult about it.  Cotton always acts like I'm pouring acid on him.  Colleen, well, let's just say after chasing her around for most of an hour, she got her way and has yet to be touched.  She'll just have to pretend to scratch for a while longer.  It's a little sad to watch her try to scratch with her absent leg.  (update:  a couple of days later, she did hold still long enough to get her dose, too, so Yea! no more fleas)

But enough about everyone else, this is Roscoe's story.

Since Roscoe is 4 or 5 months old, he didn't have any shots today, just flea treatment.  He and the kittens were given a whole room of their own at the shelter to play in all day.  When I picked them up, Roscoe was hiding under a bench and the little blind cat, Davey, was on the very top of a 5 foot tall cat tree.  (he's great at climbing UP, not so good at DOWN)

Turns out two of the Five Pack kittens have reached the magic 2lb mark so they got to stay and will hopefully be adopted very soon.  Bye bye Knox & Clint!

Mimmi & her kittens also stayed behind for a few days of extra clinic TLC.  Mimmi may not have enough milk for all 6 of her hungry kittens.

So Roscoe, Davey, and 3 kittens came home.  I thought I had constructed a pretty good kitten fence in the new area.   Well, my kitten fence is not very escape-proof.  They were over the wall before I was even back downstairs.  In the end, I gave up and let them be 'free-range' kittens.  They'll spend the nights tucked away in the shower so they don't get into anything they shouldn't overnight.

Roscoe was in rare form tonight.  He had a great time playing with the kittens, but he forgets that he is twice their size.  He's a little rough on them.  His favorite target is poor Davey.  Who beats up on the blind kitty?

Tuesday, November 15th


Went to the clinic today to draw blood again.  Poor baby is a hard stick.  He's like a pin cushion.  Didn't get enough today, so he goes back again on Thursday.  Still trying to find out (or rule out) what might be causing the detached retinas.

Wednesday, November 16th

Roscoe - 'fraidy cat or secret bully?

Roscoe plays pretty rough with Davey.  Not so much with the other kittens. 
Is he a bully because he picks on the blind kid? 

I also caught him chasing Colleen around today. 
Is he a bully because he chases the cat with 3 legs?

He is becoming more bold with Cotton.  Although Cotton acts all big & tough, inside he's a marshmallow.  Has Roscoe called his bully-bluff?

Friday, November 18th

Roscoe is one smitten kitten.  He follows Lorenza around like a shadow. 
She's sweet to him, too.

Tonight, after lots of kitten play & some amazing flying kitten stunts, Roscoe is curled up by my side, purring.  He is now voluntarily approaching for pets & attention.  He loves a snuggle.  Just a couple more days before he returns.

Tuesday, November 22nd

Today's the day.  The kittens all return to the shelter.  Davey tested negative for everything in the blood work (good news), but the clinic will start him on some medications to see if his eyesight can be improved a little.  They'll watch him while I'm busy over the holiday.  Only little Leticia isn't at the 2lb mark yet, so she may find another foster home to gain the last few ounces.  Haskell & Robin are ready for their furever homes.

This has been Roscoe's tale.  He has really turned the corner from 'fraidy cat to fantastic feline.  He'll make a great cat for someone.  Hopefully, he'll also have some playmates.  He may take a little while to settle into a new home, but once he does, he'll be your friend for life.  Good luck Roscoe!

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