Monday, September 28, 2009

Kittens update 9/28/09

Delays, delays. This weekend was busy with a charity event raising funds for the local shelter. Much fun was had by all. I'll try to post some pics if anything good comes out.

The kittens continue to grow & play. They are well mannered now and spend more time outside of their kitten-nursery, allowed to play in the rest of the house as long as they can find the litter-box when needed!

Little Angus is still playing the shy-guy card, but he's joining the other kittens more as he sees what fun they have. He's just not too sure about me yet.

Corky will be 'graduating' this week. He's reached the 2 lb mark that signifies readiness to move to the next stage. He's a big boy now and ready to be snipped, get his kitten shots, and find a forever home.

The rest of the gang is making headway in the weight department, but still need between 3-5 oz to make the cutoff. More cute kitten pics soon!

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