Monday, March 21, 2011

Janie's Gems - Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 12 ... These are going to be some BIG cats.  OMG I got a look at Gus's feet today (Graphite) and they are huge!  They are all growing like weeds.  Everyone's eyes are open now.  They look so cute with their little ear flaps.  Wait 'til their ears start growing and they get too big for their little kitten-heads!

Janie just darted out the door of her 'nursery' and chased Cotton around the kitchen island.  All is well, but I don't think Cotton is going to camp outside her door anymore.  Poor guy, he's surrounded by kittens on all sides and I think he's wishing he were an only cat.

As promised, here's new pictures & updates on weights:

Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds) is a big 10.2oz
Amy (the Amethyst) is a WHOPPING 12.7oz! at just 12 days old
Gus (the Graphite grey with big paws) is 10.9oz
and last, but not least, tiny Topaz is 9.6oz

Janie won't be able to keep them huddled under covers much longer.  Can't wait for them to start crawling around!

Lucy (Diamond) Day 12

Amy (Amethyst) Day 12

Gus (Graphite) Day 12

Tiny Topaz - Day 12

Kitten Huddle - Day 12
This is how Janie prefers to spend her days

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