Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hissy mom - Sunday, March 20th

Rained out at Pet Days today, but got to spend some time with all my fosters.  Here's the current count:  2 moms, 9 kittens, separate nurseries, and a very confused Cotton sniffing at both doors.

Sashi, the new mom, seems to know only one vocalization - hissing.  She's not mad or mean; that just seems to be her only way to communicate right now.  She's hissing at me as she reaches up for head-butts and chin scratches.  She's purring (but not as loudly as Janie).  She's taking good care of the littles.

She's a Third Chance cat rescued by our shelter from a more overcrowed facility.  Lucky girl.

Her litter has 3 boys (all black) - Topper, Cricket, and Earl.  Can't tell them apart.  2 of them are just starting to open their eyes.  Also part of the gang are two beautiful girls - Mia, a little siamese and Duffy, a dilute brown tabby with what might be an agouti coat.  They're all just little balls of fluff right now.  Everyone is healthy.

So, there will be NINE little kittens growing up around here for at least the next three weeks.  Stay tuned.  New pictures of everyone tomorrow. 

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