Sunday, December 15, 2013

Colleen - Day 3 - Is it getting worse?

Today brought Colleen's third dose of fluoxetine (Prozac).  I know this will take some time to start showing the hoped-for effects, but today I must say, she seems worse.

Before we started on the meds, I had Colleen quarantined in a quiet bathroom that will be her new home whilst we work on this version of the 'reboot'.  She went in the day the vet was here.  The next day, I was having the carpets cleaned in the house, so needed the cats to be penned up while the cleaners had the doors open to the outside.  One indoor cat escape is enough for my lifetime, thanks.  Anyway, I put Lorenza in with Colleen on Day 2 of the capture.  Colleen loves Lorenza and vice versa.  That was 4 day ago.  Lorenza hasn't come out since.  I've had to reach in to medicate her (she's got Giardia - again).  But won't come out, no sir-ee.

I mention her because Lorenza generally has a calming effect on Colleen.  Before the meds, I spent time with them, trying to coax them out of the cat cave that has become their sanctuary.  Colleen has the front blockaded pretty effectively.  When I would step into their space, she would typically hiss, but surprisingly, she would let me reach down and scratch her head & neck.  Not always, but often enough.  Pretty exciting to get to pet the elusive cat.

Day 1 of the meds was pretty uneventful.  Since Colleen's go-to vocalization is a hiss, as she opens her mouth, I just squirt in the compounded meds.

Day 2 then brought this response:
Drool from being medicated - Day 2
Drool, plenty of drool.  Not sure how much of the meds went down the throat.

Day 3 now and Colleen is meaner than ever.  Couldn't even get close to touching either cat today.  Hiss.  Paw strike.  Blood was drawn.  Maybe this is where it's darkest before the dawn.

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