Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Week - Time to Upset Her Apple Cart

It's been a week on fluoxetine (kitty-Prozac) for Colleen.  As the time passes, she seems to be getting more and more annoyed with her situation.  Lots of hissing.  Lots of spitting.  Half-hearted attempts to strike.  One the good side, she's eating & drinking well.  Lorenza hasn't left her side (Solidarity, Sister!)  Colleen, however, is still a pretty unhappy kitty.

I've decided to push her limits each week to see where her reactions stand.  I'd left her and Lorenza alone, curled up in their cat cave together, pretty much most of the time.  I'd make visits in several times a day, but those just elicit more hissing.  Today, I took away the cat cave.  Dumped 'em out on their respective asses.  I'm slightly ambivalent about removing the cave ... I think it's literally the only thing that is saving my skin during medication times.  We'll see how tomorrow's dose goes.

Lest you think I'm subjecting them to sleeping on the bare floor, nay, I've replaced the cave with a favorite box in which the girls used to love to cuddle up together.  It's got their old blankies and I've covered it with a tent that used to be Colleen's eating station.  It still gives them some seclusion, but it's more open than the cave, so it's baby steps.  Surprisingly, when I dumped Colleen out of the cave, she landed at my feet and just stayed there (hissing).  Made no move when I reached down to scratch behind her ears (she likes that).  Still hissing, though.

I've invited Lorenza to leave the quarantine area several times, but she just sits by Colleen's side.  Like I said ... solidarity!  I think that's the next test - remove the buddy.

Lorenza won't leave her sister

Colleen hides behind the new bed

Can't get her eyes open with a flash, but she's mad

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