Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another fond farewell - June 29, 2011

Another set of fosters grew up and left the nest.  There weren't too many pictures of them because they just never slowed down enough to capture them on film.  Little Liv and tiny Tiffen came to me together but were both single strays.  They grew up like brother & sister and really got along well together.  Liv was just a tiny ball of fluff and stayed that way for quite a while.  Suddenly, she had a growth spurt and became all legs & ears.  The color of her coat changed from dark to light gray tabby and she was soft, soft, soft.  Tiffen was all crazy legs & into everything!

The good news is ... both kittens got adopted over the weekend!  Hurray! and best of luck in your new families.

Here's a few snaps (some show you why there weren't more published!)
Bye kittens!

Tiffen's contantly fascinated by the camera

Always in motion

Hey, don't chew on the wires!

Pretty Liv after her growth spurt

Come back here!  We're taking pictures

Hi camera!

Bye camera

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