Monday, July 18, 2011

Tough week - July 11-17, 2011

The kittens are growing fast.  The period between 3 and 4 weeks is tough.  Little wobbly legs make for clumbsy motoring (but funny!).

We had a little worry earlier this week.  Mom Creamy seemed to be losing her milk.  She was not eating very well (she's really picky anyway), so she was not consuming enough calories to make enough milk for 5 hungry kittens.  The babies didn't gain much weight up to week 3, so after a trip to the vet for mom to make sure she was OK otherwise, we tried supplementing mom's milk with a little KMR (kitten milk replacement formula).  The kids didn't take too well to the bottles, but we discovered that Creamy REALLY liked the taste of KMR ... and Voila! ... by mixing a little KMR 'gravy' into her food, Creamy started eating enough to make milk again.

Meanwhile, our favorite kitten fairy godmother (Mary E) helped wiht bottle- and syringe-feeding for a couple of days and now the kittens are just about ready to eat on their own!

Anakin, Luke (foreground), Ben & Leia (background)

Luke gets a bath

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