Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purr-sonalities! - July 20 2011

At 4 weeks, while they are still not 100% steady on their feet, the kittens are spending more time awake now and their new little purr-sonalities are starting to show.

Luke is definitely the Jedi Master of the team.  He's very gregarious & adventurous; always the first kitten to bound out to greet you & typically first to try new things.  Recently, he was the first kitten to step up to Mom's dinner plate & dig in to fill his belly with real food.  He was also the first smart kitten to figure out what the litter box was for!  Kittens learn a lot from watching each other so he'll be the leader of the pack, for sure.  May the Force be with you, Luke.

Luke eats his first meal

Leia is bright & bouncy.  She spends her time practicing her pouncing and teasing poor Han.  Being the only girl, she is tough & strong-willed.  Surely destined to be a princess in someone's galaxy.
Princess Leia Organa Solo

Han is the explorer.  A rogue and a bit of a scoundrel, he plays with Luke & Ben, but also has his solo time, checking things out around the kitten den.  A tough guy with a heart of gold; he's quick on his feet - he'll be making the Kessel Run in no time.

Han Solo explores

Ben is a bit of a hermit; spends a lot of time alone in the 'Jundland Wastes' of the kitten cage (that's peeking out from behind Mom's litter box) & from the back of the kennel 'cave'.  He is gentle & sweet & has that look of being wise beyond his years (or weeks, in his case).  Great friends with Luke and puts up with Leia's bossiness.

Obi-wan Kenobi (Ben to the rest of us)
Anakin.  The quiet one.  He's a mama's boy.  Spends most of his time alone (brooding?)  There's good in him, I know it.  Let's hope he doesn't turn to the Dark Side.

Anakin, with Luke

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