Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 kittens 9/8/09

So the 6 little kitties are settling in just fine, playing & napping in the sunbeams. Ernest is the wildest of the bunch; ready to bound out the door as soon as I approach the nursery room (that's the upstairs bathroom - totally taken over as kitten kingdom now).

I'm watching China-girl closely. She is the quietest of the crew, might be bordering on lethargic. She eats pretty well, but I'm feeding her separately to make sure she gets enough. Almost seems to be favoring one of her front legs slightly. She'll get some baby food and A/D in addition to the regular kitten food the others are eating.

Ernest & Corky are great playmates. Angus & Gracie are still a little stand-offish; seem OK with the other kittens but they don't like me much yet. Another couple of days will change their minds! Cecily is making little chirping noises while she eats... must really like it!

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