Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Corky & China 8/27/09

I picked up Corky & China on Thursday 8/27/09. They had been at the shelter since 7/28/09. I don't know much about those first weeks. I first met them in the shelter clinic on Friday 8/21/09. They were a little sick, small and needed hand-feeding at that time so they stayed in with the Clinic staff and became little favorites around there.

By the time I picked them up, they were eating well on their own, but were stayed on medication (flagyl) for another week. Corky had reached 1 lb. in weight, but China was only 12 oz.

They must have been well spoiled by the clinic staff! They are both very friendly and love attention. Corky is a male orange tabby. China is a female tri-color calico. She's a little smaller right now and a little quieter in general. When I am around them, she loves to run up to me and lie down at (or on) my feet! Corky is a pistol. Loves attention and always 'showing off' his latest tricks.

Watch this space for pictures...

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