Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ernest & Cecily 9/7/09

Picked up 4 new fosters today (9/7/09 - Labor Day). Two sets of siblings from different litters that I'm adding to Corky & China at home.

The first pair is Ernest and Cecily, brother & sister. Two brown tabbies, but very different. They arrived as strays on 8/29/09. Best guess at age is about 2 months, so they were probably born in early July.

Ernest is going to be a big cat, if his paws are any indication. A real lady-killer... he's very handsome. Might turn 0ut to be slightly medium-haired or he might 'grow into' his hair-length later on.

Cecily has more delicate features and one of those really sweet little kitten faces that just melt your heart.

Both are really friendly and doing well in their new foster home. They made friends with Corky & China right away. Actually, Corky seemed to fall in love immediately with the lovely Cecily, while she seemed to want to become BFFs with China.

Ernest (I think he'll end up being called Ernie) is the biggest of the crew at 1 lb 7 oz today. He's taking the 'big brother' role well. Cecily is smaller at about 1 lb 4 oz.

Pictures will follow....

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