Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Angus & Gracie 9/7/09

The second pair of siblings I picked up today (9/7/09) was another brother and sister, Angus and Gracie. These two are scaredy-cats right now; just a little shy. Each weighs in at about 1 lb. They came to the shelter on 8/30/09. Now that they have room to play and other kittens to learn from, they will turn around quickly and learn to have fun.

Angus is a male orange & white tabby. Gracie is a little female tortie (a different type of calico). They came in as strays, so not sure how old they are. At about 1 lb, they are probably around 5 weeks, maybe older if they were not well-nurished. Best guess, they were born around the first part of August.

The other kittens are kind & friendly to these two, so I'm sure they will all be great friends by tomorrow.

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